1993 mitsubishi mighty max ac fuse locatiom full

I and can not find out where the Fuel Relay is located. The fuel pump is not getting power and the manual does not state which relay is for the fuel pump. Please Help! Do you. Look for the relay near the kick panel. Here is a guide to help test it check the diagrams below for what the relay looks like.

Please let us know if you need anything else to get the problem fixed. Image Click to enlarge. Was this answer. I need to locate the fuel pump relay for this truck. I am not getting any power to the pump and I'm told it could be the relay.

Thanks Was this answer. It doesn't have a fuel pump relay. The fuel pump is powered by the main relay under the right kick panel. If there is no fuel pump relay. What else could stop power from getting to the fuel pump? Could it be the main relay or is there a kill switch or something else causing this loss of power?

There are any number of possible causes. The main relay could cause it but it would also take out the fuel injections. You may not even be testing it at the right time. It has to be cranking to see power. I called the local parts store and they said they have a fuel pump relay. Do you think they are trying to sell me a main relay?

I am not sure.

Mitsubishi L200 PDF Service and Repair manuals

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1993 mitsubishi mighty max ac fuse locatiom full

It Holds The Also Fuel Sponsored links. Ask a Car Question. It's Free!The history of Japanese engineering is a long one, and has seen the country take up a position in the forefront of most forms of technical engineering, not least with respect to technology.

One fine example of this innovative and versatile talent is the Mitsubishi company, a conglomerate which turns out cars and a lot more besides. Of course, even the most reliable vehicles will need to be checked up every once in a while and, no matter how well-made, repeat use will eventually lead to small glitches developing.

This is when it is more important than ever to have a service manual which will allow you to identify and repair any problems which arise with the vehicle. A repair guide in the glove compartment of your Mitsubishi automobile will provide you with the peace of mind to drive, secure in the knowledge that you can have any issues under control.

The best place to get a Mitsubishi service manual is here on this site, where you can download it free of charge before printing it out, ready to take with you in case you need to run repairs at short notice. The guide provides a handy diagnostic reference point and will allow you to drive your Mitsubishi with confidence and assurance every time.

Browse by Catagory.Due to shipper and supplier delays, your order may take longer to arrive. Display Options. Already know the part number you need? Click here to enter them directly into your cart. If you are an international customer who ships to a US address choose "United States delivery" and we will estimate your ship dates accordingly.

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Over 1 Million parts from more than trusted brands, more parts added all the time. What is this? Estimated International Date Loading Today. If you purchase this part, your order can only be shipped by ground. Transmission Oil Cooler, Plate, Natural, 11 in. Inlet, Outlet, Each. Reach, Resistor, Each. Reach, Projected Tip, Resistor, Each.

1993 mitsubishi mighty max ac fuse locatiom full

Exhaust Hanger. Wheel Bearing, Front Outer, Each.Try it free for 14 days. View Full Image. Mini Truckin Magazine cool trucks. This will be a little different from what everyone is used to reading. I have always been a Mitsubishi guy, ever sincewhen I first bought a '93 Mighty Max.

This was the truck that started it all for me. It went through every phase, from wire wheels, to inch billet wheels, to finally 'bagged and shaved on '17s.

It came to the point in to sell my baby and leave this all behind me, but it wouldn't be for too long. That started the bug again. In earlyI sold a house, made a little profit, and tried to buy my '93 Mitsubishi back from the guy who bought it from me.

Well, things did not work out, and he sold it the day before I was to purchase it. So, I convinced my wife to let me buy a daily driver that I would do minor work to. Meanwhile, my father and I searched around for another Mighty Max. This took a few weeks, and we found a '91 Mighty Max with high mileage and a worn suspension. I knew that was not a problem because I had all of my warranty receipts-free replacements from the '93 Mighty Max.

We first lowered the truck with spindles and springs, while in the back were blocks and air shocks. I also updated the front end with the newer grill and 4Runner bumper. This lasted for a few months. I drove it to and from work, cruised with my friends, and then I heard that Rob Rodell was doing suspension work again. This brought back all the memories from my '93 Mighty Max.

Rob was the one that 'bagged it back in the day. When I got it back, it was worth every penny of it. The only bad thing was, the suspension work was too nice for the condition of the truck. This was when I decided to go ahead and shave and paint the truck. The truck was now losing the title of a daily driver. I contacted my friend, Brian Hill, who had done the interior of my '93 Mighty Max, and we decided to give this truck a little style.

We decided to go with the Ostrich because it was a little bit different for a minitruck. By this point, the bug had really bitten me. It was only a few months until a friend of mine called and offered me a set of inch wheels at a great price.

So, they went on the truck, but this raised the truck off of the ground, and that was not acceptable. Next, I contacted Rob to see if he wanted to tackle the task of body-dropping the truck with the new wheels.

When I dropped off the truck, it was going to get a traditional body-drop, but the guys surprised me with a stock-floor body-drop. Any extra room for a big guy is always good. I am sure things on the truck will change from time to time. I am already planning on a new paintjob and some more work on the interior.Remember Me?

Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of It should read out something while warming in your hand. You jumped it and some cool air came out, My second guess is the sensing unit.

Is the high side real high and the low side at zero - it could be the expansion vale is plugged. Has the drier ever been changed - the dessicant beads can break down and turn to mush and clog the expansion valve.

Also if the system has been converted to r, too much oil can cause problems. If you have a volt meter, unplug the pressure switch and check across it for continuity, if the pressure is within range, it should be closed and reading continuity. I had a similar problem with mine. It would sometimes work, then just quit. It turned out that it was the relay under the hood. It had rust in it, meaning that at one time it had water in it. The problem with that was water should have never gotten in it, since it had always been in it's holder, and right-side up, never upside down.

It didn't make any sense. However, before my dad and I found it, we had used jumper wires also. The pressure would build up 'til it would blow the pop-off valve on the compressor. That happened once, and it completely blew out the rubber seal on the valve. People at parts stores and salvage yards looking at you like a monkey staring at a math problem.

I finally lucked out, and found a salvage yard that had one. By the way, my dad has admitted that he shorted out the old module, when he accidentally touched the wrong wire to the wrong place.

1993 Mitsubishi Mighty Max - Daily Gone Wrong

Make sure you don't do that, too. Man, I hope what's ailing your truck is something simple and easy to fix. I wish you nothing but the best of luck finding it. If its like the 1st gen, its on the top of the evap box on the pass side - pull out the glovebox to get to it. The temp sensor in the evap box may or may not be hardwired into the module.

On my first gen the temp control is the little ring around the outside of the fan speed control knob.Mitsubishi L Engine 4D5. Mitsubishi L Engine Lubrication. Mitsubishi L Fuel Supply. Mitsubishi L Engine Cooling.

Mitsubishi L Intake and Exhaust. Mitsubishi L Engine and Emission Control. Mitsubishi L Clutch. Mitsubishi L Propeller Shaft.

Mitsubishi L Rear Axle. Mitsubishi L Service Manual. Mitsubishi L Workshop Manual. Mitsubishi L Owners Manual.

1993 mitsubishi mighty max ac fuse locatiom full

Mitsubishi L Electrical Wiring Diagrams. Mitsubishi L Electrical Wiring Diagram. Mitsubishi L Electrical Wiring and Supplements. Mitsubishi L is a pickup truck manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors since The modern model since in a number of countries is realized under the name Mitsubishi Triton. It is available in versions with a two-door double cab Single Caba two-door four-seater Club Cab and a four-door five-seater Double Cab cab.

Depending on the configuration, it can be equipped with air conditioning, audio system, automatic, or manual gearbox, all-wheel-drive Easy Select part-timeSuper Select on-demand full-timemechanical inter-axle differential lock, differential, the ESP. Mitsubishi L Mitsubishi L This page was generated in 0.


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